26 -28 of March 2014 in the building of Moscow Government at Moscow, Novy Arbat str., 36/39 the 23-d International Specialized Fair “INDEPENDENT POWER SOURCES” took place.

On the booth of JSC”Zavod AIT” in addition to traditional nomenclature of industrial alkaline cells and batteries was presented new promising lines:

- lithium-ion cells for electric and hybrid vehicles, energy storage systems, independent power supply, devices and communication facilities, power tools, special equipment and other means of appliance. From the presented cells on base of the requirements of customers the cells of different capacity and voltage are assembled. If necessary the battery is completed by BMS and charger.

Operating system of autonomous power supply with the power of 4,5 KW is completed by non-maintenance alkaline battery of 20KGL140P type.

The scope of application of autonomous power systems is socially significant objects, hospitals, theatres, shopping centers, industrial objects, systems of cellular and wire communication and also for private households.

The cells of KGL type are for operation systems of DC of electric power substations, power backup telecommunications and industrial objects, systems of autonomous energy supply with the possibility of using alternative sources.

Non-maintenance alkaline cells of KGL type have been certified in JSC “Rosset”.

Alkaline nickel-cadmium cells are indispensable in case the high reliability and long service life are needed as well as for operation in hard climatic conditions, at remote sites when it is difficult or impossible constant monitoring the states of batteries. Battery life is up to 25 years.