About company

LLC «Zavod AIT» is a leading Russian manufacturer of autonomous power supply systems, cells and batteries for different applications.

Since 2021, Zavod AIT LLC has been part of the TMH Energy Solutions division of Transmashholding.

Our products:

  • autonomous power supply systems for backup power supply to consumers in case of the centralized power cut.
  • cells of NK, KL (KPL), KM (KPM) types, non-maintenance cells of KGL type for passenger and special railway carriages; electric locomotives and electric trains; underground and urban electric transport; river and sea ships; back-up power for cellular base stations, wire ATS and other telecommunications; signaling system; emergency lighting and electrical power supply; solar and wind power systems; oil & gas and electric power industries; UPS.
  • cells of KH (KPH) type for diesel engine starting of mainline and shunting locomotives, maintenance of way vehicles; diesel generator and internal combustion engine starting; UPS with short discharge rate.

All our products conform fully to specified requirements of international standards IEC 60623 and IEC 62259.

Key facts

LLC «Zavod AIТ» — the plant of autonomous power sources, former the plant of alkaline cells, was based in 1933 and was the first in USSR in production of alkaline nickel cadmium cells. In 40–70 years of the last century specialists from the plant participated in creation of all cell plant on the territory of Russia, CIS, China, Bulgaria, and Korea. At that time some new types of cells were mastered, mainly for special use.

From 1993, under the condition of full cessation of the cells for special purpose, the detached scientific, technical and production potential of the plant was directed to the creation of nickel-cadmium cells for common production purpose. These cells are not yielded to the best foreign analogies, at that time, constructively developed subject to Russian condition of exploitation.

In 2016, LLC «Zavod AIТ» became part of the LocoTech group of companies.

In 2021, LLC «Zavod AIТ» became part of the TMH Energy Solutions division of Transmashholding.

At present, PJSC «Zavod AIT» is the leader producer of alkaline nickel cadmium cells and batteries for urban electric trains, underground, electric locomotives and diesels, local and village communication center, river and sea ships and for oil-producing platforms.

Main tendency in technical and economical policy of the plant is mutually cooperation with Russian railways, whose great experience demonstrated obvious advantage of nickel-cadmium system of cells to lead-acid and nickel-iron.

Specially for railway transport were developed and mastered technological processes which are allowed to begin the production of cells and batteries in full correspondence to the requirements of Russian railway and they have not any analogies in Russia. This is the settlement of the problem of deficit of reliable power sources of worldwide level for all rolling stock, namely for diesel locomotives, diesel multiple unit train, electric locomotives, electric trains, railway cars and for the system of SCB and connection. To date the railway of Russia are fully independent of foreign suppliers of cell batteries.

We work for opportunity in full volume and for reasonable price to provide with modern cell batteries all, whose activity is supposed to use reliable power sources. Equipping by modern means of designing allows constantly enlarging the nomenclature of output goods, thus reaching the decreasing of operating costs and lowering the laboriousness of service. Modern equipment of the plant laboratories allows controlling all production processes with high degree of reliability.

Quality Management System, introduced in the production, conforms the requirement of international standard ISO 9001:2015.

Service Bureau in the plant conducts guarantee supervision and follow the condition of products during exploitation.

Having large scientific and production potential, using domestic materials, having own production of active mass and componentry, having the technology of utilization of spent nickel-cadmium cells, PJSC «Zavod AIT» can fulfill any demands of a customer. The best argument of our native approach to business is positive responses from exploitation organizations about the reliability and service life of our products.